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St Bernard’s Italy Study Tour
September 2020
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Day 1 (Sat 12 Sept)   Depart from Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine.
Day 2 (Sun 13 Sept)   Catania
Arrive at Catania Fontanarossa Airport and transfer to hotel. Afternoon to explore some of the main sites of this city including Piazza Duomo, Castel Orsino, Terme Achilleani, il Teatro Romano and the Bellini Gardens. View Mount Etna in the background.
Day 3 (Mon 14 Sept)   Catania – Taormina
Day trip to the ancient hilltop city of Taormina, with beautiful, panoramic views over the town of Giardini Naxos and the Ionian Sea. We visit the stunning Antico Teatro Greco still in use as a theatre today. Possible hike up to the church of Santa Maria della Rocca.
Return to Catania
Day 4 (Tue 15 Sept)   Siracusa
Depart Catania and board the private bus to Siracusa. Prior to arriving at the hotel, there is a brief stop at the Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime (Our Lady of Tears). Marvel at this masterpiece of modern architecture. This church is the tallest structure in Siracusa and commemorates the Madonna who, it is said, wept real tears for 5 days in 1953. Time given to settle into the hotel before a walk to get acquainted with the island of Ortigia on which the old city of Siracusa stands. Take in the Baroque beauty of Piazza Duomo, Piazza Minerva, the characteristic streets and the Ortigian waterfront.
Day 5 (Wed 16 Sept)   Siracusa
After breakfast, there is a boat tour around the island of Ortigia followed by further exploration of this ancient Greek city. Wander through the world heritage-listed Neapolis and discover a world of antiquity. Major sites include the Greek Theatre, the Ear of Dionysius and the Roman Amphitheatre.
Afternoon: Possible guided visit to the Catacombs of St John.
Day 6 (Thu 17 Sept)   Rome
Depart Siracusa and return to Catania Fontanarossa Airport to board a flight to Rome Fiumicino Airport. Transfer to hotel. Put walking shoes on to tour main sites such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and Piazza Venezia.
Day 7 (Fri 18 Sept)   Rome – Vatican City
Day to explore the treasures of the Vatican City including St Peter’s Basilica and Square and the Vatican Museum including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and the rooms of Raffaello.
Day 8 (Sat 19 Sept)   Rome
Final day in Rome – visit the historical Colosseum. Possible Soccer / Football match at The Stadio Olimpico
Day 9 (Sun 20 Sept)   Siena
Depart Rome for the mediaeval city of Siena, home of the Palio. Time to explore the city at leisure. Sites include the Piazza del Campo, la Torre del Mangia, the Duomo and il Santuario di Santa Caterina, patron saint of Siena.
Day 10 (Mon 21 Sept)   Pisa and Florence
After breakfast, the first destination is Pisa to see its famous leaning tower in the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli. From here, we travel to Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance. Full day to explore the main sites including the Duomo, Giotto’s Tower, Piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio. Part of the day will include a visit to the Accademia to view the magnificence of Michelangelo’s David.
Return to Siena
Day 11 (Tue 22 Sept)   Siena
Full day in Siena. Today’s activities will include a visit to a local “contrada” to learn about the Palio from a local perspective.
In the afternoon, there will be a cooking class at the Fonte Giusta restaurant.
Day 12 (Wed 23 Sept)   Treviso
Depart Siena and travel to Maranello, home of the Ferrari Museum. From here, arrive in Treviso where the homestay will begin.
Day 13 (Thu 24 Sept)   Treviso
Attendance at Istituto Mazzotti school.
Day 14 (Fri 25 Sept)   Treviso
Day trip to Altopiano d’Asiago includes lunch at a local hilltop restaurant.
Day 15 (Sat 26 Sept)   Treviso
Day trip to Venice. Activites include visiting Piazza San Marco with its Basilica, Bridge of Sighs, Rialto Bridge and gondola ride.
Day 16 (Sun 27 Sept)   Treviso
Day at leisure with host family.
Day 17 (Mon 28 Sept)   Treviso
Possible day trip to the charming town of Asolo. In the evening, celebratory farewell dinner with families at Mazzotti.
Day 18 (Tue 29 Sept)   Depart Treviso for Venice Marco Polo Airport to board flight home to Melbourne.
Day 19 (Wed 30 Sept)   Arrive Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.
Grazie ed arrivederci.